The Night Porter

And yet another breathtaking shoot! Clearly inspired by The Night Porter, a film that has been fascinating the fashion industry for ages! And not only the fashion industry, it fascinates me just as much. And so does this shoot. It has been done in a sublime and sophisticated way, without becoming too harsh and dominating. All credits for styling go to Sascha Lilic. Accessories such as a whip, collar and suspenders have been balanced perfectly with the stylish lingerie and outerwear. Featuring model Yasmin le Bon, photographed by Bryan Adam for L’Officiel October 2011.

It is definately becoming a famous recipe for the fashion industry: bondage, black, lace, latex, leather and lingerie. But it is one of those recipes that never bore us, on the contrary. The fetish trend is pushing through steadily and I am the last person who wants to stop it…

Enjoy this strong shoot with Marique Schimmel, photographed by Driu & Tiago for Wonderland’s September/October 2011 edition.

The leather harnesslingeriecorsets and outerwear are sublimely styled by Grace Cobb.


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