Ellen von Unwerth

Ellen  von Unwerth is one of the greatest photographers specialized in capturing women’s femininity. She is therefore one of Pleasurements‘ favorite  photographers. She knows like no other how to photograph a woman on her best, natural and most sensual way possible. The emotions in her photos look genuine, which make the photos even more sensual and unique. Maybe Ellen can accomplish this because she is a female photographer in a mainly male dominated world? Or because she knows what it feels like to stand on the model side of the camera, as she was in fact, a model herself for 10 years before she became one of the most famous photographers of this decade.

Ellen von Unwerth not only created world famous campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, Guess, MAC Cosmetics, Chanel, MIU MIU, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Möet & Chandon, Absolut and many more, but she also published her own book ; Fräulein via Taschen with a compilation of her favorite seductive shoots. Fräulein is a real collectors item, only a few were made. Here at Pleasurements we are therefore proud to have a great piece of art like Fräulein in our collection.

Ellen von Unwerth is a woman who knows what femininity stands for and how to change it into art.


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