Pleasurements 2 years anniversary

Time has flown the past two years for Pleasurements. Pleasurements has managed to become an established name in the world of luxurious lingerie, erotic couture and refined erotics. Lingerie lovers from all over the globe have found their way to us and know that we offer a wide range of luxurious, couture lingerie. I didn’t want Pleasurements 2nd anniversary to go by unnoticed. So I contemplated on what I could do for my loyal Pleasurements fans to make a visit to the Pleasurements website even more pleasant. I already know that my lovely naughty fans love the look of the website. But I figured I could make the Pleasurements experience a lot more interesting. So very soon our new website will be live. I promise the romantic boudoir look will be the same. The website however will be improved and will have a lot more navigation possibilities. This will make shopping at Pleasurements even more appealing.

And as cherry on the cake, Pleasurements will launch some exquisite new brands. Brands such as; Pleasure State, Argentovivo, Jolidon, La Perla, Naory, Darkest Star, Betty Blue’s, Stella McCartney and Something Wicked. Also the new collections by Bordelle, Aubade and Made by Niki will be introduced to you via our gorgeous elegant Pleasurements models. Herewith a little sneak preview of our gorgeous models wearing Pleasure State and Made by Niki. Breathtaking isn’t it? Stay tuned…..



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James Macari for Treats! Magazine

Words can’t really describe this amazingly fabulous shoot by James Macari. Still, I will do my best and give it a try, as this is something I don’t want you tom miss out on! James Macari photographed the ever so gorgeous Alyona Subbotina from Marylin Agency for Treats! Magazine. In my opinion this very sensual yet fashionable editorial stands for simplicity, raw sexiness, art and fashion. Michela Buratti who was responsible for the styling absolutely nailed the styling to perfection; simple yet breathtaking. Each and every garment or accessory is beautiful, absolutely an item I want to have in my closet. So two tubs up for the creative team and Treats! Magazine. A shoot that deserves just that extra little bit of attention and that I can’t withhold from you.


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The official Fifty Shades of Grey collection


Did you think the hype of bestselling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey was over? Well think again, because it’s far from over. The movie Fifty Shades of Grey is in production as we speak and none of us can wait for the end result. Who is going to play the handsome rich powerful Christian and who will be Anastasia, the girl next door? Will the movie live up to our imagination and expectations? Talking about imagination, I think we all silently fantasized about the erotic instruments of pleasure that are described by author E.L James in the famous Fifty Shades trilogy. Maybe some of you already bought some erotic toys to experiment with. Everybody is intrigued by the world of BDSM and this is inspired even more when reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Don’t we all want to feel this kind of passion and pleasure in our own relationship?

Well, do we have a surprise for you! From november onwards, the official range of Fifty Shades of Grey instruments of pleasure will be available at Pleasurements. Manufacturer and distributer Lovehoney worked closely together with author E.L James to design the official range of erotic toys as E.L James imagined while writing Fifty Shades of Grey. Soon we all can enjoy the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection that truly reflects the world of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

The official range of Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise all bare names inspired by passages from the book; like the ‘Inner Goddess’ silver pleasure balls, ‘You.Are.Mine’ metal handcuffs, ‘Submit To Me First-time’ bondage kit, ‘All Mine’ deluxe satin mask, ‘Sweet Sting’ riding crop, ‘Twitchy Palm’ spanking paddle, ‘Please Sir’ flogger, ‘Tease’ feather tickler, ‘Charlie Tango’ classic vibrator and many more….

At any given moment, we all can enter the new world of eroticism called Fifty Shades filled with intimacy, pleasure, passion and love. The official Fifty Shades of Grey collection will be available at Pleasurements from the 12th of November, just in time for your (or his!) Christmas shopping…. After all isn’t this the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or for your lover. A Christmas gift you will both more than enjoy!


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Pleasure State



I’m always in search for exquisite lingerie to add to the Pleasurements collection. Lingerie brands that offer fashion, femininity, quality and eroticism in uniquely designed luxurious masterpieces. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that Pleasurements is expanding her range of luxurious lingerie. Lingerie brands such as Argentovivo, Jolidon, La Perla, Stella McCartney and Pleasure State will enrich Pleasurements’ list of brands. All are strong brands that are simply too stylish and high quality to not be taken up in Pleasurements collection.

Today I want to bring the fascinating brand Pleasure State under your attention. Pleasure State is an Australian based luxurious lingerie brand with no less than four entirely different and unique collections; The White Label collection, the Couture collection, VIP collection and My Fit collection. All collections are renowned for their perfect fit and their trendsetting styles. Each Pleasure State collection is designed with the greatest attention to detail and the perfect use of the most amazing materials. Handpicked materials from all over the world are used such as Swarovski crystals, French Leavers lace, Japanese tulle and gorgeous Italian stretch silk with exclusive prints. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the greatly priced White Label collection and of course the exclusive Couture collection by Pleasure State. Both the White Label collection as the Couture collection are lingerie you’ve always dreamed about. My personal favorites from Pleasure State are now available at Pleasurements; the Spice Bazaar, the Heirloom, the Couture Grecia, the Couture Cleopatre, the Couture Bloom and the Couture Zephyr & Flore collection. All will without a doubt live up to your ultimate desires and will satisfy you every mood, from frivolous to edgy.


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Photo of the week

Masks do have something magical and mysterious. It’s the ultimate seduction tool.        It’s classy, sassy and very sexy! See for yourself and get inspired for a night full of seduction with your Lover…

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Bared to you by Silvia Day

The hype of 50 shades is far from over! The new film has only just been taken into production but the next erotic romance novel trilogy is already in the bookshelves… waiting to be devoured by millions of hungry women – and men. This time it’s the Crossfire trilogy by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Sylvia Day. Bared to you is the first novel from this absolutely fabulous trilogy. Get acquainted with Gideon and Eva and let yourself be wiped off your feet. Follow the couple on the path called Love.  And as we all know Love doesn’t come easy. The second novel, Reflected in you, takes you further on the rough road that Gideon and Eva are following. Being damaged and headstrong, the question remains: will they overcome all of their issues? The third novel, Entwined with you, is yet to be released. In this sensual saga, we will find out if Eva and Gideon will live happily ever after.

I more than loved reading the 50 shades of grey trilogy, but I was overjoyed when reading Bared to you. It’s as addictive as reading 50 shades but slightly more erotic than the 50 shades of grey trilogy. I truly hope that this trilogy will also be turned to an amazing film that leaves nothing to the imagination… we can only hope and pray. But in the meantime…. treat yourself to this new trilogy and let yourself be warmed up during those cold winter days….

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Thief of hearts by Fillipo Del Vita

OH YES! I’m always excited and happy to see photoshoots like these. Photographer Fillippo Del Vita did an outstanding job with this shoot. It’s good to see the influences of lingerie and the art of erotic back into fashion. Lately we see it in almost every magazine. Fashion stylists from allover the globe, show us how to mix our lingerie with outerwear. And of course let’s not forget the harnesses! The harness is the new belt. In this shoot Stylist Elena Moussa shows us how stylish handcuffs can be, how to wear a harness and how fashionable lingerie can be. In a lot of photos you see lingerie by Nichole de Carle. Nichole de Carle lingerie is one of the leaders in fashion inspired lingerie and therefore of course one of Pleasurements‘ favorite brands.


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